Misheru is a young witch and now she is studying to become one of those new heroic artists nowadays...helping objects to regain their colours and become not raw anymore... a D-rawing Witch! But she has to pass the exam first...

Dpad or mouse: move Misheru;

Z or Space: interact with objects and for the minigame (Mouse also works when clicking elements);

X: Pause Menu for saving, leaving the menu and getting hints from the D-rawings you have.

The D-rawing Witch is a puzzle game with some skill-based elements.

The Goal of the game is to D-raw to the Wood Easel Stand and then finding which D-rawing to use for every raw object. If you find the right D-rawing, you will play a minigame which reflexes are important.  

So, if you go to the Wood Easel Stand when using Coil you have more options than just D-rawing:

1) You can set minigames's difficult level from 0 to 9 (so you can always reduce to 0 the level and always win easily or make the game a lot harder;

2) You can see every ending without finishing the game with an extra ending for who have Coil (there are five ending, six with the Extra Ending with Coil);

3) You can switch the main character skin with Marsha from RPG Maker MV, for who want to change it.

Release date Apr 26, 2022
AuthorMichael Primo
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Short, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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GG Michael, Great game!


Thank you, Dedalo! Hope this will be a good game for the people! :)


The story of this little witch was so sweet, i loved it! My day has been very raw today, but your game given it the color that it needed :) Thanks Michael


Let’s hope she comes back! (Are there multiple endings?)

The “coming back” is the reference for the replayability. When you restart the game, she re-take the exam! :D But maybe…she can come back for real one day? :)

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Deleted 1 year ago

So…Coil is an official profile and also a sponsor of the jam and a player in the Web Monetization field, also Aliaksandr is one of the NEAR/Human Guild field and also sponsors/judges of this jam. What is scammy on they?

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 Apologies for my mistakes and late response. Have a nice day! Congrats on releasing your game and good luck in the jam!


No worries! We are humans, we did mistakes and I make lots of them everyday! :D Have a good day and hope to try your games later! :)

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rpghorrorfan2 You clearly don't know what you are talking about. Coil is the pioneer company in implementing Web Monetization API, Sasha leads Human Guild, which drives NEAR Protocol adoption. Both are legit, sponsor the Jam, offer a bunch of prizes and benefits.

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Thank you for informing me. Apologies for the error  on my part. 


No worries, glad that it got cleared out :)

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Thanks for quick response! Sorry again for the late reply, and late deletion. Have  a nice day and hope the jam goes well!