Fixing the Labyrinth (Part 1)

Another week, another update!

Well, things happened, even if this “week” was kinda “weak”.

But first, let’s start talking about the Labyrinth itself.

Remember when I told you about the Lullabyrinth’s structure of 4 areas with 16 rooms each? At first, I wanted to finish the game at the start of the third area, but story-wise, the structure I made doesn’t make sense.

Why the Labyrinth must be a classic Labyrinth, with a beginning to the bottom and a end to the top? What if someone just…avoid solving the Labyrinth and going straight to the end or from the air? Is it possible to make it without making weird excuses like: “you must do it because…you will get “showered of energy” from the inside of the Labyrinth and that’s only way”…I don’t know, I am making things up now, but you got the idea.

Even putting near every Sleep Eater at the end doesn’t make sense, because going to the end and solving the Labyrinth is the same thing.

For now, I solved the problem of the exit by making the Labyrinth underground and a closed one and you now can’t avoid the last two areas, but I liked the idea for making a optional area so…we will see.

I made some names for the skills and I have almost finished them. I have in mind the seven Battle Styles of the enemies and how the character customization works. You must equip at least one attack skill and then…you choose what you want, even other attack skills if you want, as long as you have them. That’s it!

Also, I am working on the new artstyle for the game, so I have not problems anymore about eye strain. That’s it for now! The full game will be more minimal, but I hope it will be eventually good and you will have fun with it!


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Nov 19, 2022

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