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Lullabyrinth, story-wise, is about the Curse of Magic. If you manage to use and learn Magic, you can do supernatural feats, but use it too much...and the brain will be restless for a long time, making you unable to sleep and lose your life for it.
However, some lucky people told the secret of lifting this curse: reaching the end of the Lullabyrinth and finding the teleport for sleeping on the Lullabed. Your objective as a cursed magician is to reach it. However, there is a difference between sleeping a bit and sleeping forever...


Lullabyrinth, gameplay-wise, is a minimalistic linear RPG focused on fights, like doing a boss rush. 
Every enemy have a handcrafted AI and custom skills, so you have to find the right way to eliminate them.

You can use:

- Light: deal damage based on your ATK, costs 1 MP;
- Shield: you will take half damage from enemy hits and recover all MPs;
- MP Drain: absorb 2 MP from the enemy;
- HP Drain: deal less damage than Light, but absorb enemy's HP, costs 1 MP.

Choose your way to deal with 9 different powerful enemies with this skillset while being more stronger every battle finding upgrades which clear the mind of the character and dealing better the situation on a creepier and creepier Labyrinth.
The game contains horror elements. Every time you progress, you might find the game, locations and enemies more creepier than before...and more cursed; 


The main character is Sophie, a powerful magician with a Champion Crown. 
She is the main character for the entire game. She was training for the magician's tournament, but she trained too much and got cursed. After trying sleeping for two days without success, she decided to enter the Lullabyrinth. She likes to cook food, plants and reading.


The enemies are the Sleep Eaters.
This kind of ghosts eat the mind's energy of people. They prefer eating cursed people since they are unlikely to defend properly, also they create more energy. Unfortunately, that day they chose to eat Sophie, the wrong person...
When they heard about the Lullabed, they didn't manage to teleport and destroy it, but decided to live in the Lullabyrinth and guarding it, killing many persons.


Lullabyrinth is born for the RPG2S's Cursed Contest during Halloween made in one month, so expect some horror since you will explore a cursed labyrinth full of ghosts.
Play this game if you want a free, retro-like (audio and graphic-wise) boss rush RPG where you must have a strategy for defeating smart enemies, with a bit of exploration and simple events for a human character, not a mindless and emotionless avatar. 
The game lasts 25 minutes if rushed and know what to do, 40 if played calmly the first time. 
Don't play this game if you want a long, deep and detailed RPG with spectacular graphics, since the game is the opposite.
If you want to challenge yourself and you like RPG, press that Download Button and enjoy the Lullabyrinth - Alpha!



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Hi Michael! I finally managed to finish the game yesterday. Here's my thoughts.

I think this is, for now, my favorite of your games. It needs tons of polish, that's for sure, but it was made for a game jam/contest, and you had limited time to work on it, so I understand that you had to focus on the game mechanics instead of details and graphics.

I really liked the overall idea of the game: the mechanics are simple but every boss has its specific behaviour and you have to change your strategy every fight. This helps to maintain the game fresh and fun.

However there are some problems here and there: first of all, the commands aren't very clear so I couldn't understand my skills at first sight. Second, enemies can be a little unpredictable and they can destroy your strategy in a blink of an eye.

The aesthetics and graphic design in general needs to be improved too. I like the retrò style, but the visual design is unclear and the color might be too much vibrant and sometimes it gets hard to watch the screen.

Dialogues and texts in general are confusing and the game needs some kind of proof reading and fixing.

The music is cool. I liked most of the tracks used in the game.

This game is a raw gem: take your time to think and work on it! You'll make a great game!

(I'll post this as a review too, if you don't mind)


I played your game last night on stream as you are already aware. However, as a courtesy to all the featured game devs, I always include a written review since sometimes my thoughts may not flow very well when live (not to mention the alcohol involved while live may impair the clarity of my words.)

Overall, for a game jam game, this is a really great game! Your commitment to CGA-styled graphics is really impressive. Mechanically speaking, it is functional. The game would benefit from having an in-game tutorial to explain how combat should flow, rather than relying on the store page's description.  I think another real shame with this game is that there is no purpose for exploration, especially when the game is supposed to be a "labyrinth", it's a shame that events and upgrades are scripted and must be completed in the specified order. I think it would benefit the game a lot if you encouraged exploration, which would help break up the monotony of doing fight after fight, while also being consistent with the game's core premise: a labyrinth.

There is potential here. For a game jam game, this is good. For a full game, it has a long ways to go. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

If you'd like to watch my experience with your game, I've linked the archive below. You can click the timestamps to jump to when I start playing your game.

Great game! A little linear, but challenging. Good story, immersive, and well put together. Awesome boss music, too. With skill it's about an hour long.